King’s Home

At King’s Home, a residential refuge for youth, women and children seeking escape from domestic violence, neglect, homelessness and similar circumstances, personal connections are sometimes hard to make. A lifetime of abuse can leave residents wary of new relationships. But the horses at the non-profit’s King’s Stable equine therapy program have a knack for breaking through.

One of the program’s instructors recalls one such incident. “A young resident was quietly brushing one of our older horses. After about half the lesson, she called me into the stall to ask what all the marks were on the horse.  I took a deep breath and explained how he had been abused and left with scars.  The girl nodded her head and continued to brush.  As I was leaving the stall, I heard her whisper to the animal ‘I have scars, too.’

“It’s a moment I’ll never forget as the teen, who had suffered neglect and abuse, was able to connect with the horse and find common ground.  I am forever grateful to our equine partners who selflessly bear the weight of so many breakthrough moments that occur in equine therapy.”