Sarge is returning normalcy to a former Army medic’s life.

Jeff and Sarge

Jeff started his service to our country as a member of the National Guard. After two and a half years of service, Jeff decided he wanted to do something more. That’s when he joined the Army. He served as a medic over two tours in Afghanistan before being discharged for a back injury.


“As a medic in the Army it’s kind of hard to hold people and all the gear if you’re hurt.”



His back injury wasn’t the only pain he returned home with. Life as a civilian was different to say the least. He wanted to stay away from people. And that made him realize he needed to find an outlet. That’s when Jeff found out about Camp Cowboy. He didn’t know anything about horses going in, but now he gets so much out of them.


“I don’t like civilians and Sarge calms me down, so I can deal with people outside of my family.”



Jeff is now on his third time through the Camp Cowboy program, and he’s working with his third horse, Sarge. He isn’t the easiest horse to work with. Sarge has impaired eyesight. That means Sarge has a little less confidence in his maneuvering. It also means that Jeff has to rely more on his voice and physical cues to help direct Sarge. Jeff thinks that he and Sarge both get a lot of the same out of their time together.


“He gets the same thing I do. A sense of normalcy.”



Jeff has found a place where he can be relaxed, and where the annoyances of civilian life don’t get to him. That’s what makes programs like Camp Cowboy so important to support. And that’s why we support them.

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