Ren and Dylan count on each other.

Dylan and His PTSD Dog, Ren

As an explosive ordnance technician, Dylan disarmed explosives and weapons in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. That kind of stress can stay with you, and it can become something that drags at your life. As Dylan puts it, he was coming unglued. He sought help, and he found it in the forms of therapy and in a service dog named Ren.

Dylan and Ren are practically attached. Ren goes to work with him. Ren goes to therapy with him. Ren goes everywhere with him. Dylan knows that he could get by with the other therapy and supports he’s put in place for his life, but he also believes it wouldn’t be the same without Ren.

Before Ren, Dylan was surviving. Now he’s thriving.

Learn more about the dogs at Service Dogs of Virginia.

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