Equine and Feline Find Refuge at Foxie G

The Foxie G. Foundation

The Foxie G Foundation has a simple mission, to rescue, rehab and rehome retired Thoroughbred racehorses and broodmares. Through the group’s rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and permanent retirement programs, Foxie G provides a brighter future for horses that faced an uncertain one.

At any given time, Foxie G cares from roughly 100 horses. Some arrive direct from the racetrack; others are saved from the kill pens. The most heart-breaking cases have often been removed from abusive homes. While many of the horses that find their way to Foxie G are successfully rehabilitated and placed in loving homes, some are not viable candidates for adoption. For those animals, Foxie G’s lush fields become their permanent refuge.

It’s not just horses that find a safe haven at Foxie G; the organization also helps felines in need. Feral or non-socialized cats are special focus, as they rarely receive support or care. They live a difficult life, but Foxie G’s feline spay/neuter, colony care, adoption and sanctuary programs give these often-unwanted cats a soft landing after a hard start at life.

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