War Horses at Rose Bower

For Barbara Luna, establishing War Horses at Rose Bower was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. A trainer, racetrack publicist and writer, Barbara has a deep affinity for these majestic, spirited animals.

“My time on the racetrack taught me that these horses need a safe place when their days of racing are over,” she explains. “They’ve earned money and served as entertainment. In their retirement, they deserve to be cared for by those who respect their competitive spirits, big hearts and intelligence.”

Since founding the non-profit in 2013, War Horses has provided aftercare to dozens of retired racehorses, offering them sanctuary, rehabilitation, and in many cases, new careers. “Our retirees have proven to be therapeutic for youth-at-risk, senior citizens, military veterans and those with autism,” Barbara notes. Yet without the program, she says many would have nowhere to go.

“At War Horses, we can help them through their injuries, let them relax after years on the racetrack, and reschool them so that they can be adopted to safe and loving homes,” Barbara explains.