Horses training kids how to move

Beyond Boundaries

At Beyond Boundaries, they’re used to doing things a little differently, offering hippotherapy–treatment with the use of horses–to children in need. Their work stands out from other equine-therapy programs across the country by providing a combination of physical, occupational, and speech therapy to patients as needed. The horses assist in providing life skills that translate in children’s day-to-day lives.

President, Beth Stamp, founded the organization after introducing her childhood horse to a one-year-old quadrapalegic patient who had been unresponsive to the more traditional methods of physical therapy. After seeing the incredible and instantaneous gains he made, the rest is history. She and her team of volunteers have been offering this one-of-a-kind therapy ever since.

She says the children in treatment aren’t the only ones benefiting. According to Beth, horses “want to have meaning in their life, too.” She believes her therapy horses understand their mission and get just as much out of living a life of purpose as any person would.

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