“Miracles happen every visit.”

senior petting mini horse

Mane in Heaven

For most of the decade, Mane in Heaven has used its team of miniature horses to spread empathy, kindness and overall wellbeing. Through site visits to local hospitals, skilled nursing care facilities, schools and other community outreach efforts, the non-profit spreads joy, laughter and its own special kind of healing. 

“Miracles happen every visit,” insists Dina Morgan, president of the Illinois-based non-profit. “Mane in Heaven brings people hope, and when people have hope, they’re willing to try.” 

Dina recalls a particularly impactful visit to the local Shriner’s Hospital. A young girl in leg braces was clearly struggling with her physical therapy session. The girl was refusing to walk, insisting it was too hard. Then she spotted therapy horse Hope, and all her obstacles floated away. Horse lead in hand, the girl proceeded to give Hope a walking tour of the hospital.  

“The human-animal bond is undeniable,” Dina insists. “That’s why a miniature therapy horse is capable of getting a patient to walk when all other efforts have failed.” 

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