Belle earns top marks from Logan and his teacher, too

Pawsitive Action Foundation

Pawisitive Action Foundation (PAF) breeds, raises and trains assistance dogs for veterans, first responders and children with varying disabilities. One of the organization’s newest initiatives focuses on youth with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The program, dubbed Pawsitive Abilities, was inspired by the impact a service dog named Belle had on the life of Logan, a young student with autism. With Belle at his side, Logan improved his social and communication skills, had greater focus and success in academic areas, and fewer meltdowns. Overwhelmed with the results, PAF launched a pilot program, pairing three teachers in the school district with puppies for their classroom. With support from PAF, the teachers serve as caregivers and trainers for the service dogs. As word of the program’s success has spread through the district, PAF reports even more teachers, administrators and parents have asked for educational assistance dogs in their schools and special needs classrooms.

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