For Rodgers, riding has always been a big deal.

Rodgers’ Big Deal

Hugs for Horses is an equine therapy program operating out of Georgetown, SC. Like a lot of equine therapy programs, they help visitors accomplish goals with the help of therapy horses. But unique to Hugs for Horses, their therapy horses are champions, competing in shows across the Carolinas.

For Rodgers, one of the riders in their program, the most important of those shows is in the ring at Hugs for Horses. Every year Hugs for Horses puts on a horse show for all of its riders. And every year Rodgers looks forward to competing. His dad calls it Rodgers’ “big deal,” and it is a big deal. It’s a playing field where all of the riders at Hugs for Horses can feel like they’re on level ground with everyone else. And for Rodgers’ father, it’s a chance to show off how proud he is to have such a great son.

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