Pierce keeps Ian from living in fear.

Ian and Pierce

Ian is a seventeen-year-old living in Alabama with his mom and his dog Pierce. Ian has type one diabetes. It’s made life hard for him. He grew up never knowing when an emergency might happen, and according to him and his mom it’s more than just checking his blood sugar regularly. Problems can just pop up without warning. That’s why he has Pierce.


“It’s just fear. That would be my life without him.”



Pierce is a diabetic assist dog trained by the program at Service Dogs Alabama. He was rescued from a local shelter and trained to detect the scent of Ian’s blood sugar changes. He’s been with Ian for two years now, and Ian says it’s changed his life. He and his mom are grateful for the new found freedom.


“Having Pierce in our lives has allowed me to breathe a little easier, to rest a little easier.”

-Ian’s Mother


But for Ian, it’s so much more than the freedom to live his life. It’s just the freedom to live. Pierce is a friend to Ian. Ian thinks that the two of them couldn’t be more perfect for each other.


“There probably couldn’t have been a dog that could have been a better match. He seems to be one of the only living beings that can keep up with me — human or dog.”



It’s so amazing to see everything that Pierce has added to Ian’s life. Ian has a friend and a protector in Pierce. It’s truly humbling to see such an amazing animal, and it’s an honor to support an organization that trained him.

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